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I2005: Program Error: Aborted Downloads not restarting correctly
Product FreeProxy
Versions FreeProxy v1 to V2.23
Note 2005
Date reported 15 September 2001

Short DescriptionAborted Downloads not restarting correctly

Issue Detail
After restarting an aborted download, the restarted download would only download as much as was previously downloaded up to the time the previous download aborted. So, if you downloaded 1Mb, and aborted the download after 127Kb, the next and subsequent times you tried to download the file, it would stop at 127Kb.

This behaviour has been observed with MS IE 5 onwards. As soon as you request a re-download, IE begins asking for the file data. It stops when it reaches the previous download amount if you have not yet pressed the "save" button of the download save dialog. This behaviour caused FreeProxy to timeout and close the connection. This has been fixed to wait for the user to press the save button and then resume downloading.

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