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I2058: FreeProxy/FreeWeb plugin architecture
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: 3.9 only
Note: 2058
Date reported: 31 May 2005
Date changed: 02 April 2008

Issue Detail
How do I install/develop a plugin for FreeProxy v3.92

Note: This only applies to plugins for version 3.92. From Version 4.00 onwards, plugins are defined in the FreeProxy Control Centre and not set up manually in the registry as described in the attached document.

The plug in architecture has been developed to enable FreeProxy/FreeWeb to:
  • take advantage of existing web based technologies
  • Enable developers to extend the functionality of FreeProxy/FreeWeb without necessarily modifying the core system.

These goals will enable the focus of development to remain on the Web server/proxy functionality. For example, the first release of the plug in will allow ISAPI enabled modules to be called from FreeWeb. Amongst those are the php interpreter, which is a server-side scripting language capable of processing web input and output. The phpBB (php bulletin board system) - the web portal handling Handcrafted Software support forums, the portal you are now using, is an example of php scripting.

As an introductory step the configuration of FP for a plugins in version 3.92 has to be defined manually in the registry. The nature of the config would require someone with detailed knowledge of setting up a web server, knowledge of DLLs and an appreciation of the task in hand. Given that it requires someone with experience, the instructions for setting up the web server are available in step form.

The following documentation covers this topic:

1. FreeProxy Plug ins: Configuration guide. Click here.

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