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I2057: HOWTO: Set up for Telnet
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: 3.7 onwards
Note: 2057
Date reported: 20 April 2005

Issue Detail
How do I use telnet with FreeProxy

FreeProxy, as mentioned before in other notes, is an application level proxy. This is a standard method of providing controlled access to an external network such as the Internet. It is not a gateway which routes packets at the IP layer.

To overcome this problem, the Tera Term telnet client has been adapted to connect using SOCKS and is available on this site here in the section Other projects.

Note: if you already have a SOCKs port defined you can use that. If you don't want to use the same port then you can create a new port. See point 5 below about port numbers.

To configure follow these steps.

1. Configure a SOCKS port in FreeProxy.
2. Optionally configure users.
3. Restart FreeProxy.
4. Configure Tera Term.

1. Configure a SOCKs port in FreeProxy.

Configure a standard SOCKs port as shown in the image below. Note that if you use local binding, make sure that the locally bound adapter is the local network card not an external broadband modem or an internet address. While testing, it may be worthwhile not binding a port until the other configuration is working. Set the local binding as a last step after you have successfully connected to the remote server.

SOCKS V5 only? : Only allows connection if the client has selected SOCKs 5.
Must users authenticate: will only allow a connection if the user fills in a valid user id for socks 4 or a valid userid and password for SOCKS 5.

2. Optionally configure users

If you want the client to log on at the proxy, then you need to create users with passwords. You will need to do this if you have selected the Must Users Authenticate in the port definition.

3. Restart FreeProxy.

Start and Stop FreeProxy after the port has been defined and after the user has been created but before you configure Tera Term.

4. Configure Tera Term.
In the New connection option, configure the SOCKs options as shown below. The example shown below corresponds to the configuration in the images above; a user - joe - with a password corresponds to the user in the user list, socks 5 has been selected and a user id and password have been filled in accordance with the requirement to authenticate.

In the connection dialog above, a connection will be made to an external server telnet.alpharand.com. The server running FreeProxy is myproxy.hcs.com.

5. Notes concerning Port numbers.
SOCKs, by convention, uses port 1080 although this is not necessary. You can use any port number as long as the port number you use in the Port definition as the client port is the same as the port number specified in Tera Term as the TCP Port#. When selecting a port number it is usually safer to select a number in the range 20000 to 60000 as this will avoid most well known port numbers.

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