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I2056: Release notes for FreeProxy V3.9x
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: 3.9x
Note: 2056
Date reported: Released in Beta version 30 April 2005
First full release 02 April 2006 v3.92/1623

Issue Detail
New features and fixes. See end of this note for the latest build information and bug fix list.


Your first actions
To install the new version, please do the following:
  1. Save your existing config file to a new location so that it does not get overwritten by the new install. When saving, rename it to something other than default.cfg
  2. Stop FreeProxy. Check the start/stop dialog and make sure no process is running.
  3. Uninstall your current version
  4. Download the new version
  5. Install the new version
  6. Load the saved config file and save
  7. Read the release notes below to determine changes.
  8. Make any required changes as suggested (if required)
  9. Start FreeProxy and test
  10. Report any problems (see below)

What you can expect from a Beta version
FreeProxy is first released as a Beta version which is a working version, fully functional with the caveat that it has not been fully tested and there may well be errors in the program. However, you can also expect to take advantage of the new features.

What you should do if you find an error
Please report the error in the topic FreeProxy V3.9 Errors here

New for V3.9: Windows Groups
Using the control centre you list domain local and global groups. Include the group names (only, not the users) into FreeProxy. When FreeProxy server runs, it checks the Windows group. So now you can manage group membership within the windows domain rather than in FreeProxy. This additional functionality is not available in Win98 and Me.

New for V3.9: Ban Lists
The ability to import and manage Ban Lists.

New for V3.9: ISAPI Interface
As from build 1523, the ISAPI extension interface will be released. This extends the capability of the web server component. The ISAPI extension interface will call any ISAPI enable product from the web server. For example, you can execute the ISAPI php interpreter. Further notes will be released on the technical interface.

Change for V3.8: Must Resource Permissions must be specifically granted field
This field appeared in the Options dialog for previous versions. In version 3.8x is was greyed out. It has been removed in this version.

V3.90: Build 1521 - First Release

V3.90: Build 1522
Fix: Error when listing Import Users dialog with no groups
Fix: Mail and tunnel not connecting
Fix: The Windows group refresh was occuring every second.

V3.90: Build 1600, 9 June 2005
Fix: Various errors with the Control Centre, including various errors with the Ban List dialog, exporting and importing ban lists.
Added: ISAPI plugin processing
Added: All stability improvements from build 3.81/1525

V3.90: Build 1601, 11 June 2005
Fix: HTTPS, mail and FTP not connecting.
Fix: Service screen not displaying some text correctly.

V3.90: Build 1602, 24 July 2005
Fix: HTTPS hanging for the timeout period
Fix: W3C format causing software crash
Fix: some php features fixed
Added: Configurable HTML file #17 allows calendar violations to be displayed.

V3.91 Build 1605, 5 Mar 2006
Warning: This version may not be compatible with Win98
Change: Interval between user refreshes now expressed in seconds with a lower limit of 5.
Fix: FTP over HTTP handles path names with full stops
Fix: FTP over HTTP handles UNIX path links
Fix: FTP over HTTP tested thoroughly and minor bugs fixed
Fix: Web server (FreeWeb) now correctly specifies the MIME type in the header based on registry configuration. (see help files for this version)
Changed: Added/changed text in standard .htm templates and FTP templates. If you have modified the standard FTP and html templates, the new templates will need to be installed and then modified again.
Added: The ability to specify the service user in start/stop
Added: The ability to issue commands from the web browser including the ability to Hang up a connection, dial a connection, display connection statistics. Details in the help file in "Remote Administration and Control"
Added: FreeProxy now displays a formatted web page when it detects an attempt to connect outside of allowed calendar times and also when an out of range IP address attempts to connect.

V3.92 Build 1621, 19 Mar 2006
This version has not been tested on Win98 on account of my Win98 system dying. Apparently the previous version also did not work on win98 so I will endeavour to get that sorted out.
Changed: "Remote Administration and Control" now requires a Remote Administration service to be set up before this can be used. Previously this was processed by the proxy but as a user pointed out it cannot be accessed from the server running FreeProxy. So this had to be changed. Setup instructions can be found in the help file.
Added: Ability to tailor the error pages to include substitution parameters. All the error pages have been redesigned to include various substitution parameters to clarify the error.
Added: Remote binding on Proxy server connections.
Added: In addtition to the option to display a web page or take the default action when a user connects to a banned site, you can now also send a HTML file from the filesystem. This saves the need to have the page served from a web server.
Generally a lot of testing was done and some minor fixes completed.

V3.92 Build 1622, 25 March 2006
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: In the Banlist, after selecting the Open file icon, and then canceling the open, an error is displayed and FP exits
Fix: When deleting all resources, another delete causes an error in the control centre and it exits
Fix: When displaying the port, the bindings are not displayed. Appears as though there are no bindings. This is a display problem.
Fix: Win98 functionality restored.
Fix: The updated help file explaining the remote binding option was not included in the install for 1621.

V3.92 Build 1623 02 April 2006
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: "Sun"is always displayed as the day in the online statistics report.
Fix: %CCH was displayed instead of substituted in the connection stats
Fix: Close was not working correctly in the Ban Lists
Fix: Displayed stats for tunnel protocols (SMTP, POP) were not correct
Fix: 10038: WSAENOTSOCK: Socket operation on non-socket. Displayed for tunnel protocols (smtp and POP) and HTTPS connections.

V3.92 Build 1624 04 April 2006
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: Socks, FTP and tunneled proxies not detecting closed connections. For example, Socks over FTP and also when using FTP, the directory listing would wait for the timeout period.

V3.92 Build 1626 24 January 2007
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: Cache - not calculating (in some circumstances) the elased time correctly for deleting files from cache.
Fix: When connecting to the proxy and specifying the host file and port running freeproxy in the HOST: header, freeproxy would re-connect to itself and loop. This could only be done using a telnet client or by someone with malicious intent. FP now detects this situation and replies with an error HTTP code.

V3.92 Build 1627 04 February 2007
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: Authentication not occurring for 'WindowsUsers' group. This only occurred where the group named 'WindowsUsers' was used. Did not occur for global or local windows domain groups.

V3.92 Build 1629, 12 February 2007
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: Handling of the Expect: 100-Continue header. The use of the 100-continue is quite rare but was causing FreeProxy to loop, consume heap memory and crash.
Fix: Corrected the client where it was not remembering the selected setting from the incoming IP address drop-down.

V3.92 Build 1630, 23 February 2007
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: Graceful closure of sockets implemented. Should fix POST errors.
Fix: Local Binding not working where Remote Binding has been used.
New: Implemented changes for Portable Applications. Documentation on this feature will be release at future date.

V3.92 Build 1631 05 March 2007
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: Socks BIND command fixed.
Fix: Where both FreeProxy and Windows users are defined to be used for authentication, the FreeProxy users were being dropped when the Windows groups were refreshed.
Fix: Further tidying up of local binding.

V3.92 Build 1632 28 May 2007
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: Refinements to the code dealing with permissions.
Change: Where large ban lists were being imported, the service was timing out. Changed to import the ban list after the service started.

V3.92 Build 1633 11 July 2007
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
New: Added a whitelist feature
Change: Whenever a ban list is included as a resource permission, the Permission type is forced to "Forbidden". Whitelists are forced to "Granted". Note the limitations of whitelists - read the help file.
Change: Added more code to debug return codes from the function to start threads. Occasionally thread initialisation causes problem. This additional code should better enable debugging of the problem if it arises.
Note: There will be no more development of 3.92. All future development will occur in version 4. Bug fixes will still continue to this version until V4 is stable.

V3.92 Build 1634 18 July 2007
Note before installing please read "First Actions" at the start of this page
Fix: SOCKS bug fixed. Introduced in build 1633.

V3.92 Build 1635 , 26 August 2007
Fix: FTP Proxy not working
Fix: Some ban list items not being caught

V3.92 Build 1636 , 27 August 2007
Fix: SOCKS5 not forcing authentication when the "Must Authenticate" check box is checked.

V3.92 Build 1637, 02 September 2007
Fix: A problem introduced with build 1635 in an attempt to solve a problem with some URLS not being detected in the list. The actual problem was the ban list contained duplicates. The code has been fixed and a more thorough duplicate processing is now done.

V3.92 Build 1638, 1639 not released

V3.92 Build 1640, 05 March 2008
Fix: 100% CPU when checking IP addresses in the banlist or whitelist
Fix: Removed 2second delay when posting. Speeds up batch processing of HTTP 'POST's.

V3.92 Build 1643, 12 May 2008
Fix: Chunked header > 15 bytes reported as an error. Web page would partially or not paint at all.

V3.92 Build 1644, 10 August 2008
Fix: Whitelist processing corrected.
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