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I2053: Setting up MAC OS 10.3 for Internet Browsing
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: All, 3.0 and later
Note: 2053
Date reported: 22 October 2004

Issue Detail
How to configure MAC OS 10.3 for Internet Browsing.

  • Set up FreeProxy
  • Set up Safari
  • Stop and Start FreeProxy

Set up FreeProxy

Use the default configuration, port 8080. Check that the local binding option has been set.

Set up safari
  • From the MAC main screen, Select System Preferences -> Network. Make a new location calling it FreeProxy (or anything else which identifies this connection).

  • Select Configure to configure IP settings. This action ensures that your MAC has an IP address which is compatible with the FreeProxy server. Both FreeProxy and the MAC should be on the same subnet (with the same sub-net mask and have the same IP address for each position that there is a 255). If you do not have DHCP, then pick an IP address using the Configure IPv4 Manually option. The example shows how the MAC has been assigned an IP Address of The FreeProxy server is on the same IP subnet (192,148.100).

  • Start safari and select Safari -> Preferences

  • Select Advanced -> Proxies

  • Fill in the IP settings for HTTP proxy and Secure web proxy as shown below:
    Check Web Proxy (HTTP) and fill in the IP address with port 8080
    Check Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) and fill in the same IP address with port 8080


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