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I2052: Release notes for FreeProxy V3.8x
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: 3.80/3.81
Note: 2052
Date reported: 13 August 2004, 16 Sept 2004, 10 Oct 2004, 13 Oct 2004 21 Nov 2004, 12 Mar 2005, 23 Mar 2005, 07 May 2005

** Release as a stable version on 10 Oct 2004 **

Issue Detail
New features and fixes. See end of this note for the latest build information and bug fix list.


Your first actions
To install the new version, please do the following:
  1. Save your existing config file to a new location so that it does not get overwritten by the new install. When saving, rename it to something other than default.cfg
  2. Stop FreeProxy. Check the start/stop dialog and make sure no process is running.
  3. Uninstall your current version
  4. Download the new version
  5. Install the new version
  6. Load the saved config file and save
  7. Read the release notes below to determine changes.
  8. Make any required changes as suggested (if required)
  9. Start FreeProxy and test
  10. Report any problems (see below)

What you can expect from a Beta version
FreeProxy is first released as a Beta version which is a working version, fully functional with the caveat that it has not been fully tested and there may well be errors in the program. However, you can also expect to take advantage of the new features.

What you should do if you find an error
Please report the error in the topic FreeProxy V3.8 errors here.

New for V3.8: Cache Implementation
This version implements a cache as described in the RFC2616 HTTP specification. Files are written to the specified cache paths. File names are generated by the program and therefore are not readable.

New for V3.8: Resource Permissions with dates
A date (using a calendar) can be attached to a resource permission. This conditions the permission so that it becomes effective at certain times. For example, forbid access to a particular URL, to a specific group of users during specific times.

Change for V3.8: Must Resource Permissions must be specifically granted field
This field appears in the Options dialog and has the effect of changing the default behaviour from everyone has access to everything to everyone has access to nothing. After a year of confusion, this field has been disabled but will remain on the screen simply for compatibility reasons. In later releases, this field will be removed. The software will force this field to no. If you have used this option, you will need to change the way your permissions are set up.

Change for V3.8: Port number in FTP hostnames
When specifying a host name for FTP, the port number can now be added to the end of the host name in the form hhhhhhh:pppp

Fix in V3.8: The systray option not working
Since this option was made available the client could not be activated under certain circumstances. This version limits the horizontal size of the client to prevent the error occuring.

Local Binding
The method used for local binding has changed and also the user interface implementation is different. After upgrading to v3.81 please reset the local binding in each port. It is also worthwhile checking all the other settings.

If you are upgrading from a version prior to V3.72
Please see here for the V3.72 release notes.

V3.80: Build 1501
Fix: Systray not functioning
Fix: FTP Passive mode bug
Fix: Save on exit crashing
Fix: Toolbar not refreshing correctly

V3.80: Build 1502
Fix: Run time error 380

V3.81 Build 1510
Added: Ability to bind to the same port across different IP addresses.

V3.81 Build 1511
Fixed: Some pages would not display fully. For example, CNN or pages which were delivered using chunked HTTP packets (long pages).

V3.81 Build 1514: 28 Oct 2004
Fixed: When audio/video streaming, Freeproxy did not close the server side connection when the client closed the connection.
Changed/Added/Fixed: URL log and other parameters as follows:
%URF - removed - FreeProxy will attempt to replace this with %URL. Please check your log file format to ensure that this has happened.
%URI - Full URL including hostname/path?query
%URL - Url only starting from the first / and ending before any query (does not include the query)
%UR1 - as for %URL but is limited to 100 bytes
%UAG - User agent.
%REF - Referrer

V3.81 Build 1515
Not released

V3.81 Build 1516: 21 Nov 2004
Fixed: Run time error 35602 when importing users into the FreeProxy Control Centre.

V3.81 Build 1517: 12 Mar 2005
Fixed: Page not found error appearing when POSTing a form

V3.81 Build 1518: 23 Mar 2005
Fixed: Addresses containing a query string are no longer cached. This will prevent users receiving cached entries previously stored by other users.
Changed: User and group names can contain spaces or commas
Fixed: Display of HTTP authentication challenge in the service option of the client now displays correctly.
Changed: Some persistent information was being stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key. This has been moved to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive. Previous versions forced a re-install if installing FreeProxy using one user and using the client with another.

V3.81 Build 1519: 07 May 2005
Fixed: Page not found error when posting a form. An initial attempt was made to fix this error in build 1517. Should be fixed now.

V3.81 Build 1520: 20 May 2005
Some users still experiencing a page not found. After much soul-searching, rewrote much of the code conscerned with reading and writing connections. Switched to a simpler and more standard use of Winsock. Do not have time to extensively test. So will be in a temporary Beta state for a while.

V3.81 Build 1525: 9 June 2005
An error only experienced with Win9x/Me systems is fixed by using a workaround suggested by MS. The workaround fixes unexpected behaviour with the Winsock select API call. You would notice WSAEWOULDBLOCK errors in the log. This build should be very stable.

V3.81 Build 1526: 11 June 2005
Minor fixes.
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