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I2051: Setting up TAXIS UUCP Mail package
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: 3.5 or later
Note: 2051
Date reported: 13 August 2004

Issue Detail
How to configure Taxis for FreeProxy. More details of taxis can be found here.

To setup Taxis do the following:
  • Set up FreeProxy
  • Set up Taxis
  • Stop and Start FreeProxy

  • UUCP mail server: uucp.myisp.net
  • Host name of FreeProxy server: myproxy

Set up FreeProxy
Create a tunnel for port 540 as follows. Point the “Proxy Server” field to your UUCP mail server.

Note: You should set Local Binding and select your local LAN address in the drop-down.

Set up Taxis
Configure your TAXIS (File - Setup) to point the mail server host at your proxy server as follows:

Press OK to save the TAXIS setup. .

Stop and Start FreeProxy
  • Save the FreeProxy config.
  • Stop and start FreeProxy for the changes to become effective.
  • You can now collect/send e-mails using TAXIS’s “File - Transfer Mail (while online)” menu option

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