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I2047: FTP in Internet Explorer
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: FreeProxy, 3.6 and above
Note: 2047
Date reported: 20 June 2004

Issue Detail
How to set up Internet Explorer as a full FTP client for both downloads and uploads

In FreeProxy
Create a port definition
  • FTP Proxy
  • Client port 21
  • Allow incoming connections with your internet IP address (not the local LAN IP address)
  • Proxy Option=USER RemoteId@RemoteHost.
  • After making the change, stop and start FreeProxy.

In Internet Explorer
Tools -> Internet Options -> Connection -> LAN Settings -> Advanced
  • Uncheck "Use the same proxy server for all connections"
  • in the FTP field fill in ftp://Servername and 21
Replace "Servername" with the name of your server. The weird but important part is that you must have ftp:// in front of your server's address. In addition to the FTP port you must also specify in the individual port connections for HTTP and anything else you are using. For HTTP you do not have to specify the leading "http://"
Other stuff to note: You can use any other port rather than 21. For example 15221 is OK as long as the FTP client you are using is configured in the same way. You can have as many FTP ports defined as you like. The following example shows settings for server S1. Replace S1 with your server name or IP address.

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