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I2044: Can I use FreeProxy for anonymous surfing
Product FreeProxy
Versions: All
Note: 2044
Date reported: 28 May 2004

Short Description
Can I use FreeProxy for anonymous surfing

Issue Detail
I would like to surf on the internet so that the remote servers cannot detect my IP address.

In order to surf anonymously you will need to find a proxy server which will accept connections from your computer and re-connect to web servers under its IP address. The essence of the anonymity is the ability to hide your IP address.

If you set up a proxy server (using any proxy software, including FreeProxy) which is allocated an internet IP address under your name, you will not be surfing anonymously. All connections will originate from your proxy server assuming that its serving your local LAN.

The only way to surf anonymously is to connect to a proxy with an IP address which you don't own. The important point is that the server you connect to has an IP address not in any way associated with you. This server "with the IP address not associated with you", could be running FreeProxy or ISA or some other proxy software. When you connect to this proxy server, it will then reconnect under its own IP address to the remote host. From the remote hosts point of view and certainly in its logs, it will only see the IP address of the proxy server.

Therefore its not the proxy software that ensures anonymity, its the IP address of the system running the proxy program. The problem is that you can never do it on your own. Not unless you forge your name and obtain an IP address by false pretences, and have a sneaky PO Box where the ISP sends the bill which you pay with forged cheques. Its just all too damn hard (and very risky I might add.). It will never happen. Please don't do it.

Here are some other ways you solve the problem.

    Arrow Ask a friend to forge their name and set up an anonymous proxy server. (Aha !)
    Arrow Stop surfing "those" sites.
    Arrow Check out the site http://www.freeproxy.ru (In no way associated with FreeProxy the amazing proxy software.)

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