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I2041: How to set up Cute FTP Home
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: 3.6 and above
Note: 2041
Date reported: 24 April 2004

Issue Detail
How to set up CuteFTP for use with FreeProxy.
Also see article I2026 for setting up Cute FTP


Note, slight differences in the screens may exist from version to version.

I had some problems setting up Cute FTP with FreeProxy. Once set up correctly, it seemed to work OK. Here are the settings I used to set it up.

Initially it did not work with the global settings so I tested it with site specific settings for a FTP server and they worked. Then I set up a new connection using the site manager and this worked with global settings. Then I removed the site specific settings of the first connection I had set up and it then worked with the global settings. Cute FTP now works with only the global settings as shown below.

1. Set up Cute FTP

2. Set up FreeProxy

3. Start and stop FreeProxy

Set up Cute FTP

From Tools -> Global Settings, select Connections -> Proxy Server as shown above.

    Arrow Check "Use the highlighted proxy when connecting"
    Arrow HostName: Fill in the IP address of the server running FreeProxy
    Arrow Port Number: 21
    Arrow Click Advanced
    Arrow Select USER user @ site
    Arrow Press OK and then Apply

Set up FreeProxy

Click the Port button

    Arrow Fill in the name, select FTP Proxy, and in the Proxy Option, select USER RemoteId@Remotehost.
    Arrow Check "allow incoming PORT connections" and then select you internet IP address NOT the LAN IP address.

Stop and Start FreeProxy

Stop FreeProxy and restart to enable the new config.

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