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I2039: Setting up FreeProxy and clients for www.gamesquare.nl
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: All from V3.6
Note: 2039
Date reported: 25 Mar 2004

Issue Detail
Note that Freeproxy is a proxy and, like all other proxy servers, it does not route IP traffic. It uses application level proxying and therefore the sense of "opening a port" as suggested by the gamesquare FAQ is not the same as you would do with a router and firewall. The setup for Freeproxy is shown below.

If you already have freeproxy set up then there should not be much more to do. Check through the config below and only add the parts you need over and above what you may already have.

The steps are

1. Set up an internet connection
2. Set up a SOCKS connection
3. Set up a tunnel
4. Stop and start FreeProxy
5. Set up the hosts file on the client.
6. Set up Internet Explorer
7. Connect to the game

In the example, we assume that there are "clients" which access the FreeProxy "server". The server is connected to the internet and is running the freeproxy program. The server is named MYSERVER and has an address of Whenever you see these in the text below substitute them for your server name and IP address.


Set up an internet connection
In the FreeProxy Control Centre, set up a HTTP Proxy port as shown below:

Set up a SOCKS connection
In the FreeProxy Control Centre, set up a SOCKS port as shown below:

Note the adapter for incoming connections is the internet connection, not the local LAN

Set up an tunnel connection
In the FreeProxy Control Centre, set up a Tunnel port as shown below:

The client port, and proxy server details must be written exactly as shown. The other details in this port definition can be changed as required.

Start/Stop FreeProxy
1. Save the configuration
2. Start FreeProxy from the Start/Stop button


Set up the hosts file on the client:

On each client computer that wishes to have access to 'gamesquare', you will need to modify the hosts file:
The hosts file can be found in one of the following places:
WinXP/2003: C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc
WinNT/2000: C:WINNTsystem32driversetc
Windows 98: C:WINDOWS

Use notepad to edit the file.

As mentioned before, replace with the IP address of your computer running FreeProxy. Code the site name (www.gamesquare.nl) exactly as shown.

Save and close.

Set up Internet Explorer

From Tools -> Internet Options -> Connection -> LAN Settings
Make sure only "Use proxy server" is checked.
Then click "Advanced"
replace MYSERVER with the name or IP address of your server running FreeProxy.

Press OK.

Press OK again to see the tabbed dialog box.

Now select the Advanced tab.
Don't use the Java applet. Make sure this is unchecked. Once you have made the changes, press Apply and OK until the Internet Options dialog box disappears.

Close Internet Explorer before using it for the next step !

Connect to the game
Connect to the game in the normal way. Make sure you do not select "Use Java Plug-in"

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