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I2038: New Development Wish List
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: FreeProxy, built before 9 Jan 2004
Note: 2038
Date reported: 17 Feb 2004, 2 May 2004

Issue Detail
Current development plans.


These are the main features being requested. Time available will dictate the ability to include these features

Proxy to display warning information
As a Company we have an Internet Access Policy. It would be nice if it were possible to customize the login screen to the effect that it says ‘by logging in to this system it is deemed that you have accepted the Company Internet Access Policy…blah,blah,blah’ maybe with a button labelled ‘read the policy’ that will open a specific html page that could be customised for content.

Ability to modify the HTTP responses from FreeProxy
(Complete: 18 June 2004: Build 1453 and above)
It would be nice to be able to change the web page that the user sees after trying to access a blocked url.

Assign a group to a calendar (restrict access to certain users to certain times)
(Complete 15 August 2004: V 3.8, Build 1500: In essence this problem has been resolved by applying the calendar to a resource permission). A user group can be assigned to HTTP Proxy resource together with a calendar. You can have different HTTP Proxy resource permissions for different groups. URL filtering can then be applied to all users.)

Any chance of being able to assign a calendar to a user or group rather than to a rule? That way I could create one http rule with all my filters and permissions setup, assign it to the group I want (probably ‘all internet users’) but I could still restrict access times by user relatively easily. The only other option would be to allocate my users to groups based on the calendar/time restrictions I want to use and then create an http access rule for each group but this seems quite a high maintenance approach.

(Complete 15 August 2004: V 3.8, Build 1500)
HTTP cache of web pages retrieved

Authenticate with an upstream Proxy
When connecting to an upstream proxy, sense authentication requests and authenticate using NTLM, Basic or Digest.

Statistics reporting (Completed V3.72)
Report usage by client and connection, bytes, time on line etc

W3C format statistics (Completed V3.72)
Could FreeProxy generate W3C format logs for analysis by external analysis progra,s

Remote Administration
Administer the server from a web page
Version 3.92/1621 implemented some remote administration features

Online view of activity
View server activity (connections, usage performance) from the client.
Version 3.92/1621 implemented an online statistics report showing last log in and volume of traffic

Network Address Translation

UDP Proxy

Web cam access
Ability to proxy web cams (RTSP and MMS protocols)

Remove the need to restart the Proxy
After making parameter changes, the proxy has to be restarted. Remove this restriction

Use standard filters
(Ban Lists included in V3.90)
Adapt FreeProxy to import standard web site filter lists.

Filter server connections based on IP address
(CompleteVersion 3.9 implemented ban lists based on URL and IP Address)
Currently possible to filter with URL. Add in the ability to filter with an IP address range to limit access to certain IP addresses.

Import resource permissions
Import resource permissions in a similar way to importing users.

Bandwith control
Can I limit the bandwidth per user ?

IP Sec protocol / VPN
I cant log on using VPN...

Specify Windows User groups
(Ban Lists included in V3.90)

Allow port numbers to be specified in the FTP Proxy
(Complete 15 August 2004: V 3.8, Build 1500)
Allow host names in the form of

Use expressions in the filtering
"xxx" and ("yyy" or "ccc") but not "aaa"

Implement a internet download quota
Limit access to the internet for users or groups by daily, weekly or other limit.

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