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I2036: Using the UNIX/Linux/MS-DOS command line FTP clients
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: FreeProxy, 3.60 or later
Note: 2036
Date reported: 06 Jan 2004

Issue Detail
You wish to use a command line FTP client such as the Linux or MS-DOS FTP client with FreeProxy.


1. Configure FreeProxy
2. Issue FTP Commands

Step 1: Configure FreeProxy

In the FreeProxy Control Centre, create a port definition as follows:

The important parts are
1. Protocol: FTP Proxy
2. The client port: 21. If you want to use the MS-DOS command line FTP client, you MUST use port 21.
3. Proxy Option: USER RemoteID@Remotehost

Note: Your own IP addresses will show up on your computer.

Save the changes and then Stop and Start FreeProxy for the changes to take effect.

Step 2: Issue FTP Commands
From the client computer, FTP commands are issued in the normal way except for the initial log on sequence.

1. Connect to FreeProxy
2. Specify the user as user@hostname.to.connect.to
3. Fill in the password

After this point the normal FTP commands are used.

For example, assume the FTP server you want to connect to is ftp.myisp.com and your user name is vladimir and your password is dosvidanya. FreeProxy is running on one of your computers on your LAN. The name of the computer running FreeProxy is myproxy. The steps would be as follows (using the MS-DOS FTP client). In this example, replies which you type in are shown in blue

C:>ftp myproxy
Connected to myproxy
220 FTP Proxy Server (FreeProxy V3.61) ready.
User (myproxy:(none)): vladimir@ftp.myisp.com
230-Currently 25 users connected
230 You are connected to ftp.myisp.com - Good day

At the ftp:> prompt you would use the normal FTP commands. Also notice that the password would have been filled in however it is not echoed back to the screen.

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