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I2034: Set up Kazaa and Kazaa Lite
Product : FreeProxy
Versions: FreeProxy, 3.61 built on Jan 4 2004 at 14:53:43 or later
Note: 2034
Date reported: 04 Jan 2004, 05 Jan 2004

Issue Detail
Problems installing and operating Kazaa have been experienced by many FreeProxy users.

Installation problems: Does not install. The installation appears to timeout. See below.

Operating problems: Does not connect. FreeProxy, up to the version mentioned above, implemented a strict interpretation of the SOCKS protocol reporting errors and closing the connection if it encountered a problem. Kazaa's implementation of SOCKS uses an incorrect version in one of the protocol steps. FreeProxy now only reports this error in the log (depending on log levels) and continues operating.
Installation of V2.6 was tested using the following method on a number of computers. Each time, the software installed and was fully functional.
Installation of Kazaa Lite required additional steps and these are explained at the end of the note.

This process has been tested a number of times. The essential ingredient is time.



1. You must have FreeProxy running on the system connected to the internet.
2. Freeproxy must be configured to run HTTP proxy and SOCKs
3. The client computer on which you will be setting up Kazaa must have Internet Explorer set up to access Freeproxy using HTTP proxy.

The installation of Kazaa 2.6 took a long time, some 30-40 minutes before the whole package was complete. The installation starts with the download of program KMD.EXE which is the Kazaa installation control program. Once downloaded, KMD.exe is then run. KMD will install the various components.

The following screens are presented
Arrow The Welcome screen (after some initial connecting)
Arrow Important Information - what you agree to install
Arrow Gain Network
Arrow Installation options
Arrow Downloading and Installing Kazaa Media Desktop
On each of these dialogs, you will need to read the detail, click the 'agree' check box and press next.

On the last screen ("Downloading and Installing Kazaa Media Desktop"), you will get a progress bar while it installs the "P2P Networking", "Altnet Peer Points Components", and "Kazaa Media Desktop".

You may see the "Total Download Progress" bar reach 10% and then hang. YOU MUST WAIT. You may wait for up to 40 minutes while it attempts to discover a route to the server. It finally attempts the FreeProxy HTTP port configured in IE and then obtains the data it requires. However, the progress bar may only reach 80% or 90% and hang again.

If P2P Networking crashes, as it did for me, or the install hangs for more than 30 minutes after reaching 80%, start the install again in the following way:
Arrow Press the cancel button
Arrow To "Would you like to continue downloading....", answer "Yes"
Arrow Repeat the above process until the installation completes without errors.

Using Kazaa

FreeProxy configuration
In the FreeProxy control centre, check that you have:
Arrow both a HTTP proxy port and a SOCKS port running. If not, create them.
Arrow a user created with a password. There is no need to attach this user to a group. In the diagram, the example user "Greg" has been used. Use any appropriate user name here.

After making the changes, start and stop FreeProxy

The diagram below shows the user "Greg" being created and the HTTP and SOCKs ports in the background.

Kazaa configuration
From the Kazaa Media Desktop, select Tools -> Options.

Arrow The host name is the name of the computer running FreeProxy (which is connected directly to the internet). Use the name of your FreeProxy server here.
Arrow The port number must be the same port number that you have defined in the SOCKS port definition in FreeProxy.
Arrow Check "Use SOCKS5 authentication"
Arrow Specify the same user id and password as you created in FreeProxy.
Arrow Apply and OK if necessary
Stop KMD by right clicking on the KMD icon in the system tray. Select "Close Kazaa Media Desktop". Note, you cannot close KMD using File -> Close. Restart KMD. KMD takes up to 15 seconds to connect correctly.

Running Kazaa Lite
Kazaa Lite is a hacked version of Kazaa. it is installed using an install file and the installation procedures described above for Kazaa don't apply to Kazaa Lite.
The version tested, 2.4.3, does not correctly support a SOCKS server and may be an error carried over from this version of Kazaa. Kazaa configuration is the same as shown above both for FreeProxy and for Kazaa itself. However you must do the following additional steps to make it work.
For some reason, Kazaa Lite will only send SOCKS messages if the SOCKS 5 host is localhost or Using a network monitor, no IP messages were detected for any other setting.

1. In Kazaa, replace the SOCKS 5 host with localhost. All other settings are the same as those shown above with the user name and password set according to your configuration of FreeProxy (using the user name and password you set up)
2. Install FreeProxy on the client computer. Configure a single port setting using the "Tunnel" protocol, the client port of 1080. In the Proxy Server setting, place the name of the server running FreeProxy (connected to the internet) with the server port of 1080.
3. Remove all other port settings including the default HTTP Proxy port setting.
4. Save and Start as a service.
Now, instead of connecting to the server running FreeProxy, Kazaa Lite will connect to the local copy of FreeProxy which will redirect all traffic from the local connection to the FreeProxy server connected to the internet.

FreeProxy, 3.61 built on Jan 4 2004 at 14:53:43 or later.
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