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I2032: Set up for playing Yahoo games
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: FreeProxy, 3.0 and above
Note: 2032
Date reported: 15 December 2003

Issue Detail
Java programs do not connect. You may see a grey screen or otherwise be unable to logon.

Try this work around
Some clients attempt to resolve the IP address from a host name even though the client may not have visibility to the internet and DNS. Yahoo games can use socks 5 but then repeatedly asks for the user id and password. It may be using SOCKs4 for this.

Anyway, to avoid the this problem, you can specify the host name the game looking for in the hosts file. Now it will attempt to connect to the IP address you specify. We fool it by specifying the IP address of the FreeProxy server. Then using the "Tunnel" connection, you can redirect the connection to the correct server using FreeProxy.

The problem is that yahoo returns to the java client the name of the server (from a range of names) it should connect to. I assume for load balancing and possibly other reasons. So now even though you have redirected all the servers it could potentially use "yog1.games.scd.yahoo.com" through "yog99.games.scd.yahoo.com" you can't provide this information to FreeProxy so it can connect to the requested server. Well it seems to work if you specify a fixed name in FreeProxy even though its not the suggested host.

So here are the changes.

In FreeProxy, specify a port as follows:
  • Tunnel
  • Client port 11999
  • proxy Server: yog10.games.scd.yahoo.com and the port of 11999
  • Use local binding: set to the IP address of the local LAN

If yog10 above does not work, try another from the range.

In the client browser find the hosts file. On win98 you will find it in C:WINDOWS, on NT/2000 it will be in C:WINNTSYSTEM32driversetc or in XP it will be in C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32driversetc

Edit the hosts file with notepad and add the following (just cut and paste this from the list below), then change the (which is my server's IP address) to whatever your freeproxy server's IP address is:
Code: yog1.games.scd.yahoo.com yog2.games.scd.yahoo.com yog3.games.scd.yahoo.com yog4.games.scd.yahoo.com yog5.games.scd.yahoo.com yog6.games.scd.yahoo.com yog7.games.scd.yahoo.com yog8.games.scd.yahoo.com yog9.games.scd.yahoo.com yog10.games.scd.yahoo.com yog11.games.scd.yahoo.com yog12.games.scd.yahoo.com yog13.games.scd.yahoo.com yog14.games.scd.yahoo.com yog15.games.scd.yahoo.com yog16.games.scd.yahoo.com yog17.games.scd.yahoo.com yog18.games.scd.yahoo.com yog19.games.scd.yahoo.com yog20.games.scd.yahoo.com yog21.games.scd.yahoo.com yog22.games.scd.yahoo.com yog23.games.scd.yahoo.com yog24.games.scd.yahoo.com yog25.games.scd.yahoo.com yog26.games.scd.yahoo.com yog27.games.scd.yahoo.com yog28.games.scd.yahoo.com yog29.games.scd.yahoo.com yog30.games.scd.yahoo.com yog31.games.scd.yahoo.com yog32.games.scd.yahoo.com yog33.games.scd.yahoo.com yog34.games.scd.yahoo.com yog35.games.scd.yahoo.com yog36.games.scd.yahoo.com yog37.games.scd.yahoo.com yog38.games.scd.yahoo.com yog39.games.scd.yahoo.com yog40.games.scd.yahoo.com yog41.games.scd.yahoo.com yog42.games.scd.yahoo.com yog43.games.scd.yahoo.com yog44.games.scd.yahoo.com yog45.games.scd.yahoo.com yog46.games.scd.yahoo.com yog47.games.scd.yahoo.com yog48.games.scd.yahoo.com yog49.games.scd.yahoo.com yog50.games.scd.yahoo.com yog51.games.scd.yahoo.com yog52.games.scd.yahoo.com yog53.games.scd.yahoo.com yog54.games.scd.yahoo.com yog55.games.scd.yahoo.com yog56.games.scd.yahoo.com yog57.games.scd.yahoo.com yog58.games.scd.yahoo.com yog59.games.scd.yahoo.com yog60.games.scd.yahoo.com yog61.games.scd.yahoo.com yog62.games.scd.yahoo.com yog63.games.scd.yahoo.com yog64.games.scd.yahoo.com yog65.games.scd.yahoo.com yog66.games.scd.yahoo.com yog67.games.scd.yahoo.com yog68.games.scd.yahoo.com yog69.games.scd.yahoo.com yog70.games.scd.yahoo.com yog71.games.scd.yahoo.com yog72.games.scd.yahoo.com yog73.games.scd.yahoo.com yog74.games.scd.yahoo.com yog75.games.scd.yahoo.com yog76.games.scd.yahoo.com yog77.games.scd.yahoo.com yog78.games.scd.yahoo.com yog79.games.scd.yahoo.com yog80.games.scd.yahoo.com yog81.games.scd.yahoo.com yog82.games.scd.yahoo.com yog83.games.scd.yahoo.com yog84.games.scd.yahoo.com yog85.games.scd.yahoo.com yog86.games.scd.yahoo.com yog87.games.scd.yahoo.com yog88.games.scd.yahoo.com yog89.games.scd.yahoo.com yog90.games.scd.yahoo.com yog91.games.scd.yahoo.com yog92.games.scd.yahoo.com yog93.games.scd.yahoo.com yog94.games.scd.yahoo.com yog95.games.scd.yahoo.com yog96.games.scd.yahoo.com yog97.games.scd.yahoo.com yog98.games.scd.yahoo.com yog99.games.scd.yahoo.com

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