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I2030: Set up Dreamweaver MX for FTP access
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: FreeProxy, 3.6 and above
Note: 2030
Date reported: 05 December 2003

Issue Detail
How do I set up Dreamweaver MX for FTP access ?

This requires FreeProxy V3.6 or above

Use the following steps:
  1. Create a FreeProxy FTP port
  2. Stop and start FreeProxy
  3. Configure Dreamweaver

Step 1: Create a FreeProxy FTP port
From the FreeProxy Control Centre, click the "Port" button.

For Dreamweaver to work correctly, the proxy option MUST be USER RemoteID@Remotehost.
If this is different to an existing Port definition you may already have created, then you should create another FTP port definition as shown below, but this time with the port number set to some other value such as 15021. If you use 15021 here then you will also need to use 15021 in the setup of Dreamweaver.

Note: you will have different IP addresses to those shown in the diagram above.
Click "Done"

Step 2: Stop and start FreeProxy
From the FreeProxy Control Centre, select Save.
  • Click Start/Stop
  • Stop the FreeProxy control centre and then start it again for the changes to be effective.

Step 3: Configure Dreamweaver MX
In Dreamweaver MX:
  • Edit -> Preferences
  • Under "Category", click on "Site"

Change the filled in options as you would for directly connected FTP.
In addition, for FreeProxy set the following:
  1. Firewall host: set to the IP address or host name of the PC running FreeProxy.
  2. Firewall port: set to the port number you set as the Client Port in FreeProxy (see step 1)
  3. Click "Manage Sites" button
  4. Select "New" and "FTP & RDS site"

  • Fill in the details of the FTP site as usual
  • Click Use Firewall
  • Click OK

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