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I2025: Logging is not working
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: FreeProxyClient V3.5 onwards
Note: 2025
Date reported: 02 November 2003

Issue Detail
I have set the options in the OPTIONS dialog correctly but there are no access log data being displayed.

There are 2 sets of log files. The debug log files, and the access log files.

Debug Log Files
Debug log files are used for fault finding and generally will not be meaningful to most users. To display the log files
  • Set the debug level to something other than "No Debug" (eg: "Full trace")
  • Fill in the name of the log file
  • Set the destination to "Log File" or "Log file and screen"
If you want a different log file per port definition to the general log file in the options dialog, change the log file in the port definition as well as specify the information in the options dialog.

Access Log Files
"Access" log files display information about system access. This is very useful and in some cases required by law. To set up this feature you need the following:
In the options dialog,
  • check "Log access data" (don't check "log message data")
  • Fill in the access log file
  • Select the report content you want. Any combination of (at least one of) accesses which have been allowed specifically, by default or forbidden by the FreeProxy configuration
  • You can optionally change the format of the displayed information. Refer to the help for this.
  • In addition you MUST:
    • In each port or service definition you must select "Report all connects". This allows you to set up the access log feature generally for Freeproxy and then only select those ports you want to participate in the logging. The log file in the port and service definition is only required for Debug logging and not access logging so this can be left blank.
Restart FreeProxy
Remember to restart FreeProxy after making changes. In the start/stop option,
  • stop FreeProxy and then restart

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