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I2023: Debugging FreeProxy using the debug version of the program
Product: FreeProxy
Versions: FreeProxyClient V3.5 onwards
Note: 2023
Date reported: 02 November 2003

Issue Detail
You have been asked by support to run the debug version of the program. This program is exactly the same as the non-debug from a function point of view except it displays additional information which will better enable a fault diagnosis to be made.


  1. Download the debug version of the FreeProxy server
  2. Substitute the program for the non-debug existing program
  3. Change the settings in FreeProxy
  4. Prepare the test
  5. Start the test
Download the debug version

Download the program from


Substitute the program
  1. Unzip freeproxyd.zip. It contains the server program "freeproxy.exe". In the meantime, place this program in C:Temp for example.
  2. Rename the existing program in C:Program FilesHand-Crafted SoftwareFreeProxy from freeproxy.exe to say freeproxy.exe.sav
  3. Copy C:Tempfreeproxy.exe to C:Program FilesHand-Crafted SoftwareFreeProxyfreeproxy.zip

Change the settings in FreeProxy
  1. In the FreeProxy Control Centre, select Options è Debug Level
  2. Use the drop-down to select "Full trace"
  3. Set output to "Log file and screen"
  4. Set Log access data
  5. Fill in a log file name
  6. Fill in a file name for the access log file
  7. Check Allowed, Forbidden and Default
  8. Done
  9. In each Port setting, make sure you have checked "Report all connects ?", and Done
  10. File -> Save

Prepare the test
  1. Stop the FreeProxy service and any console mode program. You should see:

      Service: Not Installed
      Console: Not running

    displayed in the Stop/Start option of the FreeProxy Control Centre
  2. Delete (or move) any existing log files so that the test starts from the beginning of the log file
  3. Start FreeProxy ONLY in Console mode. There must be only one version of FreeProxy running. Do not start the service.

Start the test
Access the web in the normal way. During the test, the access is likely to be a lot slower than normal because of the amount of data being displayed on the screen. Once you have encountered the problem:
  1. Stop the FreeProxy console
  2. Set the Options -> Debug level to No debug and the other indicators to their pre-test values
  3. Resume operation. There is no need to replace the FreeProxy.exe program back to its saved version as the performance degradation is very slight. You can do this once the program has been rectified by support
  4. Email the log files and the Config file to gregr@alphalink.com.au

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