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I2001: Info: FreeProxy Development and Beta Testing program
Product FreeProxy
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Note 2001
Date reported 6 Jan 2001 7 Jun 2001 16 Jul 2001 23 Sep 2001 4 Apr 2002 13 Dec 2002 6 Mar 2003 30 Mar 2003 27 Apr 2003 2 May 2003 31 May 2003 10 Aug 2003 17 Sep 2003 02 October 2003 19 Nov 2003 05 May 2004

Short Description
FreeProxy Development plans

Issue Detail
Are there any plans to further develop this program?

Can you develop this feature ... ?

If you would like to join the testing program or send any suggestions, please email support.

JULY 2001 Release V2.1, 2.2 (superseded)
Freeproxy V1.00 is being used by many thousands of users both for home and business for simple redirection. Over 20,000 downloads as of Jun 2001. A number of requests have been made and FreeProxy V2 is currently available for alpha testing.

Demand dialing
Whenever a connection is attempted, dial the associated Internet Service Provider. Released Jul 2001
Automatic dialing
Set up the connection at specific times. Released Jul 2001

Calendar control
Create weekly calendars to determine
- when automatic dialing should occur
- when connections to the internet can be made
Released Jul 2001

Session Control
Keep track of session times and allow access to the ISP based on total time used Released Jul 2001

Hangup based on inactivity, time online or a calendar. ** Released Jul 2001

Run options
Run FreeProxy as a NT/2000 service or from the console ** Released Jul 2001

Trace information
FreeProxy provides 3 levels of trace information as well as the ability to display all the IP traffic being sent and received. All output can be logged to log files.

Released Jul 2001

FreeProxy Control Centre
to assist with the input of parameters and start/stop services.

SEPTEMBER 2001 Release 2.23 (superseded)
Memory leak problems causing user32.dll related problems fixed

Improve throughput performance

Apr 2003 Release 3 (superseded)

1. Removed the need to connect to an upstream HTTP proxy
2. Improved User interface of the Control Centre
3. Improved conformance to HTTP/1.1
4. Improved handling of outlook express traffic (V2.7x does not handle attachments very well).
5. Implemented FTP proxy using the web client (IE)
6. A mini web server allowing pages to be served from built-in web server (FreeWeb)

May 2003 release 3.01 available 1 May 2003 (superseded)
Included the ability to bind and IP address to a listening port. So the web server and proxy client ports will only be available on the same sub-net as the IP it is bound to.

'Bad Gateway' error if a form contains a '@'. See tech note I2008

May 2003 release 3.02 available 31 May 2003 (superseded)

1. Windows 98 Compatibility
2. Better compliance with HTTP/1.1 RFC2616
3. Improved performance
4. Corrections for WINNT compatibility
5. Introduce RFC2518: HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring -- WEBDAV to enable Outlook Express/Hotmail compatibility

17 Sep 2003 Release 3.50 (superseded)

1. Basic, NTLM, digest authentication
2. Resource filtering:
- Client IP addresses
- Access to proxy and web resources
- URL filtering
3. Socks 5

15 Dec 2003 Release 3.61 current 'stable'

1. FTP proxy

10 May 2004 Release 3.72 Beta Planned release

1. Connection volume statistics, W3C format logginG
2. Increased limits
4. Import/Export users from/to a 'comma separated' file

Aug 2004 Planned Release 4.00

1. Caching
2. RTSP/MMS protocol
3. UDP
4. Time limiting per user
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